this place gives me fire in the belly

and i smile for no reason all the time

i don’t know very much right now

but i know if i am going to be anywhere

it is going to be here

yesterday, staring this dead in the face, alone but not feeling that way, and with a giant smile.

remembering that time in epuyen, when we watched the moon rise so quickly it seemed alive.

in ten days i will be home. in my country (who i miss much more than i thought i would), in my state, with people who love me, people who have been there the whole time that i have been gone.
with half of my heart aching in anticipation of saying goodbye to argentina and this time of my life. and the other half filled with an overwhelming and unexpected excitement to throw myself back into the arms of familiarity and love.

i am tired and grateful.

a new kind of tired.